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Linked Lists

What is a linked list?

A linked list is a linear data structure. Each node has it’s own value and where the next node is.


Take the above image for example:

  • Node 1 (the head node) has it’s own value 1 and knows only where the next node is.
  • Node 2 doesn’t know anything about it’s parent node. It has the value of 2 and knows where the next node is (node 3)
  • Node 3 has the value of 3, but it doesn’t have another node, this is also known as the tail node.

If you were to drop the 2nd node, you’d also lose the 3rd. This has advantages and disadvantages.

Doubly Linked Lists

A doubly linked list has a previous node and a next node. Similar to the Linked List, except that a child node knows where its parent is.

doubly linked list

Circular Linked List

Similar to a linked list, except that the last node points back to the first node

doubly linked list

I’ve created a queue in JavaScript using a linked list:

var Queue = (function () {

  var Node = function (value) {
    this.value = value
    this.nextNode = null;

  var LinkedList = function () {
    this.head = null
    this.tail = null

  LinkedList.prototype.appendToTail = function(el) {
    if (this.tail === null) {
      this.head = this.tail = new Node(el)
    } else {
      var node = this.tail.nextNode = new Node(el)
      this.tail = node

  LinkedList.prototype.unshift = function() {
    if(this.head !== null) {
      this.head = this.head.nextNode

  LinkedList.prototype.view = function() {
    cursor = this.head
    string = ''
    while(cursor !== null){
      string += (cursor.value + ' -> ')
      cursor = cursor.nextNode
    return string

  return new LinkedList

var list = Queue will create a LinkedList object. From there, you can either push to the Queue, or unshift the first in the queue.

You can #appendToTail with a value, or you can #unshift from the front.

You can also #view the queue at any time.