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How to configure your "rails new" defaults

> rails new project

And just like that, you have a rails skeleton. However, if you’re like me and prefer postgresql and rspec, you have a few extra steps before you can get started on your project.

Fortunately, rails has a few helpers. In your terminal, type:

> rails new --help

You should see some very useful options for rails new.

> rails new project -T -d postgresql --skip-bundle

Alright! Problem solved right? I no longer need to delete my test unit or configure my database.yml

But I don’t want to have to write this long command for each new project. You can put the defaults in your ~/railsrc file using your text editor (mine is sublime in this example):

> subl ~/.railsrc

Copy and paste the following

-d postgresql

Now restart your terminal. If I run rails new again, it will always append whatever is in the ~/.railsrc

> rails new project

One less thing to worry about. :-)